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UConn Hopeful A.J. Price Suffers AVM Related Hemorrhage
USA Today – January 12, 2005 – “Priorities Change for UConn Hopeful”
by Erik Brad

“Freshman guard A.J. Price was supposed to play a big role for the
defending national champion University of Connecticut men's basketball
team this season. Now he watches from the bench. On one level, he
finds this supremely frustrating. On another, he's fine with it.
A.J. Price, right,
and his father,
Tony, discusses
the brain
that has forced
the freshman
guard to sit out

Bob Child, AP
"I'm just happy to be alive," he says, smiling brightly.

Price was born with a brain abnormality that was like a hidden time
bomb for 18 years. In early October, he couldn't get out of bed. He
thought he had the flu. It turned out to be a brain hemorrhage. He was
airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. (Related item: Details on
Price's ailment


Leslie on Lake George
Summer 2004
AVM Tradgedy Strikes Nate of HBO's Six Feet Under
August 1, 2005

"Six Feet Under's" Nate Fisher, played in the series by Peter Krause, died
in Episode 60 of a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and related
brain hemorrhage. Viewers have been aware of Nate's condition since his
AVM was diagnosed and treated with surgery in Season 2 (2002).

Nate Fisher
(Peter Krause)
of HBO's "Six
Feet Under" in
the hospital
following a
ruptured AVM.
Nate later dies
of a brain