Fact Sheet
Leslie's Story
June 2005

It has been almost six months since the AVM & Neurological Research
Fund in Memory of Leslie Munzer was founded. On behalf of the fund and
our entire family, we are profoundly thankful for the donations and
support you have given. We are not able to accomplish our ambitious
goals alone.

We are currently committed to funding the development of diagnostic
tests for AVMs (Arteriovascular Malformations). Very little is understood
about the genetic markers and biological mechanisms that cause
neurovascular diseases. For lack of practical diagnostics, AVMs may be
discovered following a symptomatic occurrence such as a seizure. Often
the AVM is diagnosed only after the vascular malformation ruptures with
potentially deadly consequences. The development of these diagnostics
may ultimately lead to prevention of neurovascular diseases such as
AVMs. Important genetic research is currently in progress. It is our goal
to fund this work to accelerate its success. The potential threat of
neurovascular diseases has no known boundaries. All of our families and
friends are at risk.

What have we accomplished so far?

1. We have established the website
resource for the AVM afflicted and the neurological community. We hope
you have had an opportunity to visit. From the website we have
received many phone calls from people afflicted with an AVM or from
their friends and family members on their behalf. When you go to the
website, please notice the posts to our web log from people who have
shared their stories and thanked us for the online resource we are
developing (see the Blog link on the navigation bar to the left of
each page). These phone calls and posts to the blog, though
unfortunate in their content, illustrate the value and importance of our
fund. This is why the AVM Research Fund exists to be there for the
AVM afflicted. We know first hand how frightening it is to live with a
friend or relative whose life has been affected by an AVM diagnosis.

2. We have been communicating with the neurological community to
establish a medical board that will provide direction to our funding
efforts. We have established contact with renowned neurosurgeons
around the country, all of whom have eagerly expressed willingness to
help. It seems there are no other charitable foundations doing the work
that we have proposed.

3. Thanks to your support, we have raised almost $200,000. In the best
of markets this will yield a substantial amount of cash, but in terms of
what it can fund in the medical research arena, it is our hope to do more
each year. We will proudly advise you to whom grants are made.

So, when you are considering your charitable giving for the year 2005,
please continue to remember the AVM & Neurological Research Fund in
Memory of Leslie Munzer.

With our sincerest gratitude,

The AVM &Neurological Research Fund and the Munzer Family
AVM Research Fund, P.O. Box 49587, Sarasota, FL 34239-6587
Leslie on Lake George
Summer 2004